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PageRank, SEM, SEO and Importance To a Blog or Web Pages

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PageRank, SEM and SEO: why is it important for a blog? Terms are very important for anyone who has a website: PageRank, SEM, SEO and PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority). If the time to get to this blog, and the pageran is dead, anyway read the information because we can give authority to our blogs using the same fundamentals.

The first thing I say is that a true professional SEO, you know raise the PageRank of the web and thus less dependent on SEM. While the SEM have to pay to Google AdWords to achieve good positioning with the SEO it is free and is up to you how you achieve a good optimization of your website.


What is PageRank? How does it work? It has killed or still alive?

Moving on: the PageRank is how Google determines the importance of a website, Google analyzes several factors and determines the value of it. It is very important because it is one of the factors that determine the ranking in the results of this search engine.

On a scale of 1 to 10 qualify Google Map and takes into account the quality of these links, quality of content and social authority (both recommend that users page and your level of influence).

How to increase PageRank? Uploading the authority of your pages?

Uploading content to your website that is attractive and very high quality, this ensures that other sites will find it valuable to link. The more pages link will be much better, especially if the URL of the page, with links and receiving no similarity link. The best practice is these links that come from sites with themes similar to ours.

This shows Google that our content has a certain level of credibility and quality. A link is like a vote or recommendation of a site to another and when this happens the first adds a bit of its PageRank to the second. I repeat that if the time to read this information, and the death of PageRank is official, that in any case the same principles work to increase the authority of your pages!

It is vital to understand that while good quality inbound links help in SEO positioning, the low quality will hurt, but we also understand that more damaging is to link to a page with bad reputation when she is linking you .

Some say that the only thing that can transfer a link to your blog or website's authority or anything, but we recommend to make a SEO that at least looks natural for you when you arrive poor quality links that Google understands that you are not you who you put it and maybe you're the victim of negative SEO.

Many web websites usually buy starters to try to force an increase in the PageRank or authority of its pages links are even becoming fashionable online stores that offer these links. However, you run a great risk, Google algorithms can identify this type of behavior and penalize reach anywhere.

It is possible that when reading this publication, and the PageRank is not considered as important for SEO element, but we have other metrics are similar because the increase in the same way and now are the ones that really Google takes note: PA (page authority or authority page) and DA (domain authority and domain authority).

Personally I have always seen this as an authority PageRank page and although Google says it does not matter, because we think are lies. The intent is to confuse SEOs and decrease buy, sell and trade links, etc. What they do not publish the PageRank of sites and the algorithm has suffered and continue to suffer as amended, but in the end are the starters and quality links with other factors remain the metric Google or not to give a good position web.

About PageRank, SEM, SEO

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

What is SEM? What does it consist of? It differs from SEO?

SEM: The counterpart of SEO, but one and the other are complementary, while searching SEO traffic to a website organically achieving first place in any web browser, SEM makes it through Google AdWords, these results they are extra, usually appear on the right side of the search engine and even in the top three or at the bottom as you pay the web or online business you are doing search engine marketing.

It seems illogical that while most of the traffic comes from search engine optimization, most of the online advertising budget companies spend it on search engine marketing !!! This is the short to generate traffic and traffic that guarantees ROI way.

For all the questions raised above, it is not so easy to do SEM, you have to measure the results and see hailing a good return on investment and this at a profit to justify it. Ideally, a minimum of 100 visits 80 are natural rankings on Google and other search engines.

 SEO ( Search Engine Optimizer)

What Is An SEO Professional? What is your job?

A SEO professional is an expert in search engine optimization, know mastering the best techniques to ensure the success of a site in terms of results in search engines, ie fully optimize the web, riding a good architecture, you know attract good traffic and know analyze the web and your visits to get these visitors become loyal customers or web users.

Traffic is important, but useless if there are no sales, subscriptions, advertising revenue, etc. in Anyway, if any conversion is not achieved anywhere, nothing will serve visitors. Remember that you can do good business with your website or blog, much of the SEO work focuses on achieving the conversion and not just about having a lot of traffic !!!

Its main objective is to make visible in the eyes of search engines and this website with the main keywords for our website and products not on the services we offer (applies if your product is the content of your blog or web page). Being visible is to be in the first places in the search results and succeed, it is to achieve a good conversion.

If we are not at the top it's like we did not exist on the web, our traffic depend on social networks scattered links on other sites and SEM. For this reason I repeat: "a true professional SEO, you know raise the authority of web pages to position well, achieving good conversion and thus less dependent on SEM.

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