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Secrets for Top Positioning On Google

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Secrets and recommendations for positioning items Google. Many are asking about this issue and the truth is that they are not secret, are only techniques that webmasters must master to achieve a better positioning of their websites. In the previous post we have talked a lot about it so today we will focus on the quality of goods or as though many prefer to call the post, they have the highest importance if we are successful in the SEO.

Secrets for Top positioning On Google

How to write a good article and position it in Google?

A well structured post first is that it should be easy to read and never become a boring lecture or simply not interested in the reader, it is important to provide valuable information that users appreciate and can recommend. A recommendation especially if it is in the Google+ social network is something that Google values ​​as these are to help users find relevant content.

When writing is important to note the keywords of our website, especially those in the name and URL, in this way will be easier our task to achieve better results in this area of ​​SEO, we know all that whether the term is very competitive will be more difficult and useless position a word that nobody're looking for.

Secrets for Top positioning On Google

Something Important To Locate A Good Article

It is important to include several links in between each post, this will help for the search engine Google not taken more seriously. A link should point to another post to talk about the same topic that have your link on the key word that we are writing and the other is advisable to point it at another site PageRank higher than ours, not to be this way which at least point to the landing page of our product, taking into account always put the link on a word that is in the body of the link.

Internal links: the links are placed within the article, to route to a previous post, located on our website and should be on a term related to the main keyword, it is to anchor an item in another.
Anchor test: Several experts say this should not be done, but let people naturally look on your website and that Google does not need these to give you a better search engine optimization, the truth is, it's important to use them. Especially if we have a new website, this involves placing a link on a keyword within the article, this way we will know Google and users, that within our web are other post that speak the same theme or closely relationship.

The last step is to search the description of your article, it must never be neither too short, nor too long and must include the phrase that is working, it should be no less than 100 characters and a maximum of 160. In my If I just copy a part of the first paragraph, as you will see in this post, keywords highlighted in bold uppercase. In the next post we will continue talking over SEO.

Very important: to position your blog entries well, is shared on different social networks, fanspage, groups and communities. The number I like and 1 is essential to give that first impulse. Entries also promotes viral spread and to have more links pointing to your post and also get the views he loves all bloggers.

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Whatever is the process of internal and external optimization of a site better known as SEO, is an issue that we are developing in a number of articles, this is only one I recommend the previous and following this in this page, we are learning to collaborate on this and other topics of interest and recalls the secrets for positioning article on Google

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