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Increase Your Positions in Google with Backlink

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To increase the position Web  in Google, will have to be one of your goals, Google holds almost all over the world of searches, here are several methods that allow you to increase your positions in this research tool, but it also works with other tools.

Experts will tell you that the key is to get maximum links to your pages to increase your pagerank is true of increasing your pagerank will have great influence on your positioning. But the most important element is to increase your positioning by optimizing your pages for keywords that will bring you more traffic.

By choosing the Opening keywords that will bring you traffic, these keywords are usually very competitive and it will be almost impossible to position you in search tools.

Increase Your Positions in Google with Backlink

Increase Positions in Google with Backlink

In this article, I describe simple ways of how to get both types of links. These are the techniques that I use for SEO and positioning of my websites.

I spent a lot of money with optimization providers for my site to be well positioned, now I realize that the only person who can perform SEO and optimization, it's me. It's you and nobody else, think of all the money you can save.

To increase your positions in the search tools you do not really have a choice, you need links that point to your website, whether on websites or directories. This is a very important step for the life of your site. The search for new link pointing to your website should be a constant task, but the error made by some webmaster is buying thousands of links, it is totally artificial, because these people will quickly penalized by Google.

You must increase the number of links in a reasonable way, a site that is not yet referenced in Google, which already owns thousand links pointing to this site, there is a good chance that Google sandbox you, or that he thinks you try to cheat.

There are two types of links include reciprocal and non-reciprocal links, not reciprocal links are of much higher value because it is apparently more difficult to obtain, the only way to have non-reciprocal links is to write free articles right and submit them to specialize sites.

Reciprocal links are to ask a person who has a website to add a link to his site and you add a link to its website. It's a pretty simple approach to practice. But that has two risks, the first fall on someone accuses you of spamming because you have sent a mail drop and contact a net site, the second problem for sites they own not no pagerank, the webmaster may not accept you because you bring them nothing interesting is true for now, but the Google Dance your site will have the pagerank.

In reality there is a technique that I use for my website is to write free right items. This is an effective way to achieve viral marketing an impressive way. Each webmaster in need of content, can add items and makes me a reciprocal link. So what will they spend? I win the pagerank and improving my SEO and especially the positioning of my website.

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