SEO Tips For Writing Good Position In Google

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SEO recommendations to have much traffic on your website that are infallible. Today I offer you three tips for writing your articles and get that SEO you're looking for. The recommendations will help you better optimize your tickets which will allow more traffic result of natural positioning in Google, in other words, they are important to your blog or website.

Simple practices such as proper selection of keywords, write correctly using those words and their synonyms coherently (writing for the user and not for search engines, especially Google) and choose a good hook to attract the user at the same while we tell search engines exactly what input versa, will help you achieve your SEO goals.

What is the importance of good writing for SEO?

Nobody doubts how crucial it is good writing when we talk about search engine optimization is not just writing correctly, it is to optimize your content for them to be valued by the search engine and also achieve grab the attention of your readers.

We can say that when talking about SEO, content marketing is the basis of organic SEO. Without a well-written according to the correct input keywords will be very difficult for us to achieve top positions on Google search or any other.

Briefly I will say that writing to improve the positioning of your web site is not a difficult task, but really only if we take into account some key concepts to achieve this goal. And without so much blah, blah, blah, I leave the three recommendations SEO copywriting to position well in Google.

3 Tips for SEO Copywriting that are fundamental

3 Tips for SEO Copywriting

In the second paragraph already mentioned, what we do is talk a little about each of them, I hope you really as we work to improve your visibility on the Internet and have the success you are looking for your projects. Here are my three tips SEO copywriting:

1. Choose good keywords

The first is to make a correct selection of keywords for our content. You probably already know what concepts or keywords will be the protagonists of your tickets. Sometimes we think of writing something and just do it or use terms already discussed in the past!

No matter what the case, it is always advisable to make a preliminary study of these words that we use to produce our tickets using the key words planner Google. The importance planner keywords is beyond doubt and we will provide search figures, some data related competence and ideas.

Using keywords planner must take into account that those with high numbers of search, you also have more competition and we will be more difficult to position such content. We'll have more input currarnos, share more and put more quality inbound links if we really want to have good traffic.

2. Write for people, not for Google

Many make the mistake of writing only for machines. It is ok to think only search engines, we write to our potential readers. A well positioned content that is well written, and this is naturally and never abusing keywords.

Instead of using the same phrase over and over again, it is good advice to use two or three times throughout the text, but also add to him,
1. Synonyms.
2. Plural.
3. Other variants of the word.

So get the text becomes more enjoyable, and Google will not think you are abusing a keyword. It also has the advantage of being more in line with the new algorithm that takes into account the semantics before providing an outcome.

Want another editorial board SEO?

Your main input in developing a keyword should appear at the beginning of the text. Help be the first sentence, but is not so necessary, but it is crucial that this is in the first 100 characters of your publication

3. Optimize title tags and H1, H2 and H3

I will not tell you to put your keywords within the title (what kind of person writes something and not use the main phrase for which you want in this position?). The first words of the holder must always be the most important and well considered Google and any search engine.

On many websites you will see that tell you not to use titles that exceed 70 characters, I advise you to use the Google to show their results. We know that Google results in the very long titles are shortened, but all the words of this have relevance (the first rather than the last), put your fit!

After having your phrases in the H1 tag, I recommend using related keywords or variations in H2 and H3 tags. A good example are all entries in this blog and all website where post something, you'll see a headline and several headers understand the words that are important to bring me traffic.

A good hook not only you can help your users find you more easily, also achieves these give more clicks and more frequently visit your website. If getting written content are thinking about them and the issues that are relevant, your blog or website will succeed.

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