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How to do SEO on My Facebook Page Naturally?

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Today it is well known webmasters that social networks are an important factor in SEO, so I created this post pertmiti How do seo on my facebook page. Facebook the king of social networks can not be out today in your seo strategy, as it will not only generate many significant traffic to your site but it will allow you to reach a large audience of potential customers.

Seo Importance On Facebook

How important it is to do seo on my facebook page and how should I do? Well it's very relevant because you'll have a lot of quality link to your site and besides that google will verify the content that is broadcast to your page in addition to the participation of the community in it. Now if we are to learn how to do seo on my facebook page.

5 SEO Tips for facebook

Seo optimization and make my facebook page Seo for facebook

1. URL of my Facebook page.

The URL of our facebook page for any reason should be our keyword. ie if my business is "clumsy Uniforms" should in no way be another url of my facebook page (unless someone else has registered) then we would put something similar is very important not to put in the URL of our website facebook / KeywordName as this gentlemen is completely penalized.

  •     Name: section information will be vital to better branding of our brand and not put keywords in this content.
  •     Category: must be well chosen as it will be good seo for our market niche if you select the appropriate one.
  •     Headline: here you must use keywords to your facebook content and apply the seo.
  •     Long description: here we take the opportunity to put a good weight link to our website.
  •     Products: here you can include products that could be helpful using keywords.
  •     Website: important to link to our website from this part.
3. Edgerank FACEBOOK. Facebook will determine through its algorithm the relevance of your content to your page, 3 important things:
1. The interest aroused by your posts on facebook hearing.
2. That so tied to your niche that each user that you as a fan.
3. The time between the post is made and among which is displayed.

4. Share content. Other basic advice on how to do seo on my facebook page is the content because everything you share on your facebook page google indexing decide not only the first words miss an opportunity to describe two things in your publications.
         1. your most relevant keywords.
         2. The name of your brand.

5. RECIPROCITY LINKS. Among all your social networks it is important to have reciprocal links, ie facebook link to google plus, to linkedin, twitter and vice versa, this will not only boost the SEO on Facebook, also provide relevance to your seo on google plus, seo LinkedIn and other social networks.

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