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It is true that you can make money with Google AdSense, many wonder if it is easy or difficult, I think it's very easy if you know exactly what you have to do and take action. Something as simple as changing ad formats, location and color is a very important factor to be successful or not.

What I mention in this article is from experience, more with the motivation of this blog, which generates few clicks (but pay very well), this and positioned well in Google and that is essential to make money online with a blog . I recommend you see what things to improve on your website to make more money with Google AdSense, it is much easier than it is said.

Do I Do To Make More Money With Google AdSense?

If you read the previous post on my first Google AdSense payment, you will notice that take a while to charge, and the reason is that many things that work were implemented recently. One example is the template change me that despite lower positioning works much better when it comes to making money with this advertising. Another point was the implementation of new ad formats and some SEO work.

Google AdSense Tips

I will not say what formats to use ads or what colors and sizes. What I can tell you is to look at this blog which I'm using as I work very well. Look at their position and experience in your personal blog. I recommend trying for several days or even weeks and then decide to leave or not.

Tips To Increase Your Income With This Advertisement

I recommend using keywords good monetary value, those keywords that pay better, but respecting your topic. Search among the topics you treat in your blog, which of them can give you good results, not only have many clicks, but the value of them. I can tell you do not get many, but if they pay well, are frequent even clicks of more than $ 2 and that is not so difficult.

Brings traffic to your blog, do not write for you, but for the public, your users. Investigate using tools which issues are within your niche market that most people are looking for, it identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and post your entries. Using Google AdWords tool is very easy even for new users, also serve to see the market value of various keywords (keywords).

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How easy is Win With Google AdSense?

1. If you can post frequently, say every day or at least two or three times a week, it's easy.

2- If you learn to use the tools of keyword research and learn to analyze the competition, it is not difficult.

3- If your blog is optimized for SEO, if you write quality content and original, it is easier to position well in Google and get better results with Google AdSense.

4- If not send clicks to the end you will gain more. Google know which clicks are fruitless and advertisers, that is the reason why many websites diminish the value of them, send them to visit their sponsors and ultimately not perform the action that the advertiser hopes on its website.

5- If you have a good strategy inbound links to your blog. Register your blog in different directories, publishes original articles on other websites like article directories, but this strategy takes time, if you're too aggressive, Google penalizes you.

6- Speaking of inbound links, these sites should be your same subject or the like, preferably URLs have at least one word in common. Avoid link exchanges (or so-called reciprocal links), it is as if you give me a burden and I have to give you one in return, in the end nobody wins and is something that Google can penalize with lower positioning.

7- Make yourself known on the Internet, social networks, forums, commenting on other blogs on the same topic, but especially encourages the participation of your readers commenting on your posts. Items with many comments positioned better.

8- Use a template that load fast, be responsive. If you can not edit them, I recommend you find someone to do it for you since these usually bring many links within them we must remove or put the rel = nofollow for not sharing your PageRank with these web sites attribute.

9. Avoid as much as you can publish articles other websites and when you do you should always recognize the copyright to their respective links if you put them on rel = nofollow attribute. I recommend making an introduction and an original farewell to add value to the publication.

10- Spend time creating online friends, bloggers who can help you, see videos of the experts, read publications experienced people, but who is willing to share knowledge. It is not easy to publish free the secrets we use to make money, especially if many rely on to do a good job of SEO.

If the truth is that it can be a little tricky if you're not a fan of people who share knowledge. It's easy if you have a mentor, a guide, a good source of information that tells you exactly what you have to do in order to live in the Google AdSense advertising. I invite you to look at the various publications of this blog and follow the recommendations that fit your venture online.

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