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If you have been told that SEO article writing is very similar to writing the story, content or even write another article, then I have to say it was totally wrong. Article writing is generally regarded as a functional art, although part of article writing, require the additional sensitivity and other qualities by the mere fact that article writing with keywords is more business and work oriented towards achieving a particular goal.

Simple practices such as proper selection of keywords, write correctly using those words and their synonyms coherently (writing for the user and not for search engines, especially Google) and choose a good hook to attract the user at the same while we tell search engines exactly what input versa, will help you achieve your SEO goals. If you have been hoping to make a big name for himself in the field of SEO article writing, then this is the place to find out how.

Article of SEO Copywriting

Article of SEO Copywriting

Use the right keywords

Regarding the first point gain recognition of the SEO article writing, you would first have to learn to work with primary and secondary keywords. Say you have to write a SEO article in a particular product, then you would have to use the exact name of the product to the primary keyword. Then you would have to find some polite words describing the product and use them as secondary keywords. Ensure that an article of 500 words SEO, keyword main is used no more than 4 times and the secondary keyword is scattered throughout the article in the most natural way possible.

Mind your language

As a rule of thumb, you must remember to use proper grammar when writing an SEO article. This type of writing to an extent can be creative, but creativity must not give way to bad writing. Your site visitors can not be very polite, but they sure know the difference between good and bad grammar. So make it a point to correct spelling and grammar check your paper before submission. Proofreading, not only help eliminate such errors, but also help you to propose some ideas you might have forgotten before.

Dial your number words

It is important to limit the number of words to maximum 600words when the content is written with keywords. If you are looking to write a piece that has more words, then you can not choose novel writing. SEO articles are most effective when the message to readers in a concise manner is delivered. Make sure your items are not higher than 600 hundred words and definitely not less than 400.

Now, remember these tips on SEO article writing and with enough practice, even he would be able to make a name for yourself in this particular field.

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