6 Tips for SEO in Content of Your Website

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Content is king. Surely you have seen and / or heard that phrase from a webmaster or SEO expert and has every reason to affirm, since a website without content of importance to the user does not deserve to be in the top positions of Google or another search engine .

Remember that users enter the search engine to find what they have in mind, find something related to their search and experience the voyage and navigability through the website where they found what they were looking for.

Writing valuable content to search engines is not that difficult to do and in turn is a great way to get free traffic and keep users happy. Making seo content is very simple if you work by focusing on a particular keyword that catches the attention of readers.

6 Tips for SEO in Content of Your Website

6 Tips for SEO in Content

1. Optimization of article title: Whether in a generalist blog or in a niche market, it is important to maximize the title of an article or post. Always try to put keywords in a title neither so long nor so short.

2. Density of keywords: To make our content in the website totally friendly to both the search engine and the user, the density of keywords does not have to exceed 3-4% and not exceed in these.

3. Quality Content: After the last update of Google, now only takes into account only websites that contain useful, fresh and quality content for the reader or user. In addition, offer at least 400-500 words per article.

4. Incorporate Google Authorship: More than 1 year ago Google launched the Authorship functionality for verified website owners and they could at any time claim the content of their website as their own and also slightly increase the CTR. Google Authorship

5. Optimize Meta Description: Thanks to plugin's like All in One SEO or Yoast optimizing titles and meta descriptions is very easy. Search engines always pick up the words or phrases usually of meta descriptions and keywords located in the titles. So try to make it powerful and consistent for searches.

6. Images, Headers and Bold: We have to optimize the images of an article, both in the weight and in the "alt" tag place the name or keyword, especially if your goal is to gain traffic from the Google image finder .
From time to time try to give more structure to the content by placing headers h1, h2 and h3. In addition, mark bold, italic or underlined in keywords or relevant articles.

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