The Importance of Keywords and Link Building In a Website

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The Importance of Search Engine Optimization for the success of your venture in Internet. In this post I want to talk about this issue that is vital to have a profitable and successful blog with SEO: the keywords and link building. With the sole purpose of making a contribution to every webmaster who wants to succeed with your website is a personal or business Internet blog.

There is no doubt that web positioning, is very closely related to search terms or rather the keywords we are working. Every professional SEO knows, and entrepreneurs as well, the better natural positioning achieve in the different search engines, the less you have to rely on the SEM. Since not everyone can afford a consultancy SEO I leave some tips that will be helpful in SEO, optimizing it well and choosing only good Keywords.

The SEO and the importance of Keyword and Linkbuilding

The SEO and the importance of Keyword and Linkbuilding

I hope you achieve a good web positioning applying the following recommendations:

1- Set your public or Target Market:
The first thing is to know that the public want to position our website, then we choose the suitable keywords also called keywords. This is the most important part of the SEO strategy, because without choosing good keywords will never achieve the ultimate goal, which is to our users. The keywords should be very relevant, very specific and relevant to our target audience or niche.

2- Optimizes your blog so successful and very profitable:
After you select your keywords, we optimize our website for those keywords, if a website that is under construction, this is the perfect place for a good value now, it lets you put your main keyword the URL, the name the web, the description for search engines and site description. Then you should ideally optimize input keywords.

3- Linking O Linkbuilding:
When you are already optimized our website we can proceed to the creation of links or link building. It is important to create any traffic generation strategy, when the web is ready to receive visitors and not a beta.

This is the part that gives more SEO work and you can take from several months to just competed keywords and up to three or four months and even years to really competed for. The recommendation is this: start with the easiest words to position as they give you such experience and strength to the most difficult position.

4- Google Analytics and Google Webmaster:
Here it is important to use tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster, with them we can see how this our web with different search terms to check the health of it, helping Google to index faster and know our tickets we have few visits per day, where they come from and even which search terms are coming. With these tools we know for example if our strategy is working and that Facebook know how many came from this network.

5- Choose New Keywords:
Once we have achieved good positions to choose new keywords and start the process again, but this time we can choose most competitive words. Usually they are producing more traffic, the trick with these Keywords (keywords) is combined with other drugs that number of searches in this way we are creating a term of more specific and less competitive, with the advantage that conversion usually higher.

6- Good strategy Linkbuilding:
Your content can be the best in the world, but if your blog or website has good inbound links that give authority to your pages simply are not positioned well in Google or another search engine. On the other hand, if nobody knows you, nobody will put you a link.

Participate in forums, comment on other blogs (but always presenting yourself as an expert and not the nonsense going to say, "thank you for your contribution," but adding value to their publication), contact with other bloggers and actively participate in social networks (groups, communities and have your own fanspage).

Still it works send your URL to blog directories and publish articles in directories. Is a good strategy post on article directories, but not that give holders more traffic, these will keep them for your blog or website.

It is important in your linkbuilding strategy, which links you reach the most natural way possible and this is achieved using: original content and very good quality (like this !!!), the publication of guides, tutorials and listings relevant things!

7- To do all this on a good website structure:
For more links and we have more good keywords positioned worked until we have, all this will be insufficient if we have a good web structure. From the template design, layout and content creating internal links to improve user experience, they are all very important points in creating a good search engine optimization strategy.

You may have a new website or blog for which you are working on SEO. This is the part that gives more work and can take anywhere from several months to just competed keywords (up to three or four months or even years to really competed words). Start with the easiest, they give those you the experience and strength to position the hardest.

I hope you find it useful this post about SEO and the keywords to be well on Google. Investigate a little more, looking good keywords and make your strategy Linkbuilding well and succeed with your blog or website. I hope you find it useful this post about the importance of SEO keywords and link building.

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