How to Check Google Penguin or Panda penalty

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How to tell if a website is penalized and / or banned by Google, a penalty by Google Penguin or Panda. Recognize an algorithmic penalty Google, by Google Penguin and / or Google Panda looks very complicated, but it really is not that hard to know if a site is undergoing an algorithmic penalty.

We must remember that for an algorithmic penalty a website no notice is received by Google as if it occurs in a manual penalty, where the site is informed through an email message and a notice in the WMT on penalties manual that is on the site.

How to Check Google Penguin or Panda penalty

How to Check Google Penguin or Panda penalty

Now here are some symptoms that can give us indications that a website is penalized:

  • Gradual and / or too fast website traffic decrease significantly and in a short time; here you can get to experience a loss of up to 90% or more site traffic. The best way to detect this decline in traffic is using the statistics that throw us in the Webmaster Tools [Traffic] >> [Search queries].
  • Gradual loss of positions in the SERPs across the board; this is usually first noted in the results that the site is well positioned and / or which normally competes and is monitored.
  • It's common for new publications are not indexed by Google.
  • The PageRank of the site have a very significant negative variation, presents a very dramatic decline; This even for those who are set in the PageRank (obviously for sites that do) and which can be seen reflected in a possible sanction algorithmic very sharp decline.
  • Publications positioned in the SERPs or the same site in question, begin to experience sudden variations of ups and downs in the standings, which usually ends in stabilizing low or the disappearance of the site and to the top of the last.
  • A large number of DMCA complaints over content site can be a clear symptom of the decline in traffic.
  • The disappearance of the site of the Google SERPs, ie, Google stops showing that the site is indexed, it can be checked by placing on Google's "site" with the domain [site: DominioSitio] command.

Not to be confused with a decrease of PageRank desenlazamiento processes that are taking place today because many sites before handling techniques applied by Link Building PageRank and are punished (even those that are not) have forced to remove links in large quantities.

It should be borne in mind that the results of the site may suffer a reclassification in the SERPs of Google regarding the relevancy of the content to search anyone, then this can be interpreted as a penalty, but it really is not; for it is good carefully evaluate the site regarding the strict compliance with the guidelines of Google.

It is important to note that you should always be as clean as the results and / or real in the SERPs of Google, this not get the wrong idea of ​​what is the actual position of the site in the SERPs and algorithmic confused with a possible penalty .

In the case of believing that the site is under a possible algorithmic penalty you can appeal to the webmaster forum where Google certainly a good guide in this regard will be received.

Avoid being penalized by Google Penguin and Google Panda it is ideal and it is therefore essential to know which techniques are penalized and / or sanctioned by BlackZoogle, know the techniques classified as BlackHat to avoid falling into them and subsequently found in an algorithmic penalty by one of these two sweet creatures or the worst  for the two.

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How well you know your website ?, enough to detect any of these symptoms ?, have any of them ?.

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