Create a Personal Blog and Makes Businesses

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The Easy to Create Personal Blogs and Free Classifieds in Blogger and monetize. It's easy to create a personal or business blog ?: It's a pretty easy way for many entrepreneurs to make money with their blogs and this is due to several factors explain below. Read the article and have your say at the end of the subject.

All this starts with a Google+ account. This account you used to create a network of friends adding many people in each of your circles. It is important to emphasize those whose profile indicates that will be important in our business strategy, has the advantage over Facebook that you can have more people in your circles.

 Create a Personal Blog and Makes Businesses

Steps To Have A Personal or Business Blog

Next, create an account in blogger. Just log in from the same account that you have Google+, and within blogger you create a blog. If you do not know what a blog is is web page that you're reading this information, it is completely free and easy to create. Then you have to do is write about the subject in which you are good, but hire someone to do it for you.

The next step is after having published about 5 post click on revenues and request Google AdSense advertising. This is so that Google put ads on your blog, with this start earning money according to the number of people who click on her den and even ad impressions on your blog advertising.

For more information about this issue and how to have a successful blog making money with Google AdSense seen other publications of this blog: AdSense and Blogs RD

We continue with steps to doing business in the Blogger platform!

Then you can include other advertising companies that pay even better. You can also include affiliate products, these products such as Clickbank's can put on your blog and to write articles to promote them. Just talk about the benefits of these. Affiliate systems are a good way to do business with a blogger blog or any other web platform.

Learn about SEO: SEO is the process of internal and external optimization of your blog with the goal of being in first place in the Google search results. About SEO you can learn a lot by following my articles on this and other pages, especially an article in Business booming with Selvio Guzman. It's about doing a good job 100% natural SEO and positioning your projects well in Google.

Finally it is paid advertising in Google AdWords. This guarantees you a lot of traffic to your website, your blog here. You can invest in a commission from what you earn with Google AdSense you. You saw how easy it is to do Business With Your Business Blog ?. The following link I tell you how to have a lot of traffic to your blog.

The best way to be an expert, is a good online training course in which you have all the details for this type of enterprise, as in the case of Club Development and Web business, System and others who teach While on the subject of web optimization and how to make money with a blog or web pages.

At the end I recommend a post about business and making money with a blog, the blog is: Health, money and love my business. Discuss and share on the theme: "How to create a blog and do business with him?".

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