A Blog Strategy For Each Subject to Better Position

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What is better for a Bloggers, talk about everything or have a blog for each topic? There is no doubt that many bloggers ask themselves this question: What is best for a Bloggers, talk about everything or have a blog for each topic ?, which can not be your opinion, but personally it is clear that rather have a weblog each thematic strategy as this gives me the advantage to better position those keywords.

We all know that is not an easy task to maintain several blogs, especially if our goal is to consistently post quality content (good articles) and that really is relevant. Not the same post much to give quality or content that interests the user to the web, but worth having several blogs as there are some SEO factors that can be leveraged better.

What advantages does a thematic For Blog Work?

A very good question: What advantages does a Theme For Blog Work ?. The truth is that since having the keyword in the url, include it in the title and meta tags (if those same which many bloggers are useless, but telling truth have been positioned keywords on which I have no publication only that word in the meta tags).

I am one of those fond of blogging activity who faithfully believes it is better to have a blog for each particular topic and not talk about everything in the same blog. Only this I especially take this freedom and the same characteristic of the web in which I intend to have it as a kind of directory, allowing me to contradict everything I say in this book (and I am a contradictory person).

All of the above is the obvious reason why you will see that in our case we have a website to write about what is to be in the hands of God, one in which we work is to speak more directly of evangelism and teaching. As a business you can find on our blog: Internet Business courses where also do some online business analysis.

So the strategy works Various blogs are not for Pyramid Links

If we talk about sales and business strategies, we should also have a blog for this topic. Just imagine to talk about the most famous hackers of the world in a web of important dates and holidays such as Easter, Ramadan and Christmas week (really do not fit). Well I must be a person who says truth is that this article aims to put a link to each ours and some others that are linked in a special way.

To conclude also wrote about: Business, health, money and love anywhere else created for these issues. It is not easy to have a set of blogs to write about, but I repeat that it is much better to have them all and publish each issue according to type and position of all good little.

Clarify that we also have other blogs on other platforms and on behalf of others, including one for them as anonymous blogs support. Those in our name or the places where we are as an author only receive between them nofollow links and moderately (do not want to annoy Google).

You can have a real business by one or more blogs, blogging everyone chooses the strategy that best suits their interests. I hope you know choose well and be successful in your venture, while still developing, "A Strategy Blog For each subject to better position".

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