Tips To Promote A New Blog

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You really know how to promote a blog and publicize ?, undoubtedly it is very important as it allows you out of anonymity as a blogger and more quickly achieve your goals and objectives with your project. Today I offer you a set of recommendations to achieve this goal!

It is well known that a large number of projects with a blog are stillborn. If you have good contacts that you get quality links or money to engage in this practice penalized by Google to buy links, it is very difficult to position well and publicize your blog, we also have the safest way (at the same time is the slower) high value content and do a good job of SEO.

What things make my Blog Be Popular?

No viral dissemination of their contents or without a strong SEO, is impossible for us to have a truly popular website. If we want our pages are widely known currarnos we have everything related to marketing of content broadcast on the web, good user experience and SEO work that can take several months or even years!

There are many bears that are made to optimize a website and there are strategies like turning the competition: writing of uncompeti issues and usually also have few results. The most frustrating thing is that after writing original quality and, if you have recommendations from other web, Google gives you some positioning and if not you get yourself some traffic, Google also gives you traffic!

It can and must work the social part and get recommendations from users, which is something that Google increasingly takes into account and indeed we will discuss today how to work the social part and get the recommendations and links that will give know our blog and generate you more visits.

Tips To Promote A New Blog

Tips To Promote A New Blog

When a new blog is created: nobody knows, users do not seek it because they do not know of its existence, the other bloggers, less. There are several tips that will be useful to make yourself known as bloggers and get links to help you better position.

1. Social networks
We all know the viral reach with social media and these users often share what seems interesting. Have as many friends and supporters as possible and this in all social networks, but remember to look for those users to identify the type of content of your blog.

Groups on Facebook and Google+ communities: Facebook, allows you to be hundreds of groups where you can post your links communities alike Google+. An advantage of Google+ is that many bloggers will see your post and it is possible that recommended from their blogs or republish your articles, giving you a link to your blog.

2. A FansPage to promote your blog
A fan page allows you to share all your tickets and without causing inconvenience to users who are not interested in in your publications, plus there are several ways to get subscribers for fans page.

3. Blog directories and article directories
These are extremely good. In the blog directories you can post a free link to your project with a brief description thereof and in article directories alike. The important article directories is to publish quality content and that many people are looking for, as they usually have a good authority, position faster.

4. Participate in forums
There are many forums in which to participate and post your link, these sites allow you to review topics, as your answers will be a good promotion to publicize your blog quickly. I recommend you read the policy fine use of each of those forums that decide not to participate for spam or something they penalize.

5. Commenting on other blogs
Commenting on other blogs and leave your URL, it makes sense that the owner of the blog you put the comment, click it and see what website it is approving a link. If a web page editor, see that you have interesting content, it is possible that one day republish one of your articles and you generate the link you are looking for.

It is important to comment that add value, those that show you as an expert in the subject matter as it will be a way to impress others that site visitors and encourage them to visit yours. Nape not ask questions or say things that make you look like a rookie if you really want to promote your blog or website.

6. Invited Authoring
It is difficult for bloggers as new in the family, you are invited to write a post on his blog, but if you can imprecionar with good items, always be those who are willing to collaborate. Especially in those moments when we farta inpiraciĆ³n to write a guest author, it is a good option to refresh the web.

7. Paid advertising on other websites and Google AdWords
There are websites that you can put an ad and generate traffic to your blog. In addition, advertising is Google AdWords so if your blog has the conditions to pay for traffic, is the best way to attract visitors and quickly, Google positions you in the first place, but provided you have to pay.

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There are many way to promote and publicize your blog quickly and with the exception of the last ones mentioned, all are free and you can make yourself. If you have a team of people to help you, so much the better.

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