How To Make Money With A Blog? With Sales or Advertising?

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How To Make Money With A Blog? Several real alternatives Monetization. Today I share a post from our authorship, but that has already been shared elsewhere under the theme: "How to Make Money With A Blog Monetization ?: Real Alternatives." This topic is very Internet worked in both large Web sites can not put on top of Google results a headline like this, but well, we do not think about that.

Let's see if I can go over the position held by some well-known bloggers and friends as Chuiso Dan Romero with his publications on how to make money with a blog. For those new to the blogging activity, I say, "do not forget to read the whole article" at the end leave us your comments or ask your questions! Then our post already published on the blog "courses Internet Business":

Real Alternatives To Make Money With Your Blogs That Can Be Profitable

Today I will share important information to make money with your blog presenting to various monetization real alternatives that can be very profitable. In addition to remind you that a website that may even also be free has helped many to achieve financial freedom.

In my case I have monetized some blogger blogs are free. But as if that were not enough, blogger gives us the advantage of being free and also is Google which facilitates the AdSense advertising and the possibility of promotion with Google AdWords if your blog needs this type of advertising according to your model business.

How To Make Money With A Personal Blog or Website?

To really make money with a blog must work very hard, but also the ability to find profitable niche markets and really very little competition. With some ideas, some time researching several tools and the very lucky, we can find profitable niches and little real competitor to find make money with a blog.

Start a business with a blog is relatively simple, it is not so easy to earn enough money to make it profitable. With a little knowledge on the subject and applying them properly it is more than possible to achieve your goals of having a significant income with content marketing and applying some form of online monetization on your site.

A blog is easy to index it in Google and other search engines, but it remains a titanic work on achieving good positioning and start generating decent traffic for any form of monetization applied successful (profitable). It is the reason to recommend another publication on the factors that Google takes into account the positioning of a blog or website.

On this subject: "How to Make Money With A Blog", there are nearly one million Google results so the information I offer then try to be summarized, but quality. And the monetization alternatives can be found in such publications (above link takes you to one that has more than 10 ways to make money with your blog).

How To Make Money With A Blog ?: Real Alternatives to monetize

1- The first real alternative is Google AdSense Contextual Advertising.

The most popular and reliable of all to make money with your blog. It is required to publish content to activate Google AdSense advertising and content that is original. You are paid for user clicks on ads and impressions of some of them on your website. You need to have a decent income is to have good traffic and write about topics of great monetary value.

All recommend writing about what we like and we are experts and not bad advice, but now we must sacrifice our tastes and publish content the user in mind and profitability of this theme are also given. As we also have to think about the search engine (Google), you do not stop reading the article about SEO I recommended above.

2- Sell advertising on your blog.

This can be done in several ways. You can offer advertising banners, text links, and contextual advertising. For banner ads, you can find advertisers for yourself or use advertising networks like BlogAds, Blogsvertise, BuySellAds and many others.

They might be interested in the Text Link Ads are key words in their messages become links to their advertisers. Some good networks are Text-Link-Ads and LinkAdage. It is a way to earn an income because d just write, that if, if you can position your blog well in Google and other search engines.

3- sell affiliate products on your blog.

Affiliate programs are a very simple system of doing business with your blog. You promote other people's products and get paid a commission for each sale you make. Some of the most popular affiliate networks are ClickBank, PayDotCom and Commission Junction.

These affiliate products are a good way of doing business and making money with a blog. To that end just register and place advertising or links of these products on your website, occasionally you write a post on them to promote them. Take care to put the rel = nofollow attribute these links so that Google does not think you're selling a bond or simply to not go beyond the strength of your blog to another site.

4- Writing Sponsored Articles.

There are several ways to do this. You can get to get paid to write comments and full articles on the business of others. With this kind of monetization you should be very careful because it is a practice that does not have the pleasure of Google, besides your blog user who does not feel confident a recommendation if you know that you are paying for it is.

5- Use Your Blog For Sale of Goods and Services.

In the sale of goods, you can not only sell digital products, but also physical products and is a good way to achieve an income as you have traffic and sales strategies that you implement on your site. One strategy is to give a lot of free content and of great value, thus users and subscribers feel confident and become customers.

You can include both affiliate products and services as their own. A good idea would be to have your own digital product or offer your professional services, if you can show that you are an expert in your professional field, it is possible to do business with your knowledge. A good example is people who have a website and work by helping others build theirs and doing SEO.

6- borrow money in grants.

This is a practice that can be found in some blogs that are not monetized and usually what is required is an invitation to a coffee, a drink, help to buy a phone, pay for the Internet or the site domain, etc. It works for sites that offer content that really pleases the user.

7- Participate In Business Multilevel.

We can not fail to mention the multilevel marketers for which are creating many websites. Many entrepreneurs make good money with them, create blogs or simply use the ones they have to promote these businesses and be able to create a good network of affiliates.

It has the great advantage of being able to monetize a blog quickly, especially when the multilevel business is new and therefore there is little competition writing about this and enrolling people. You also have the big problem that you can fall into a trap with a pyramid scheme disguised as MLM, lose money and credibility.

Now I add other ways to make money with a blog that are not in the original article:

A) To promote services as a professional.

If you are a professional and you think you can sell your services online, a blog is an excellent platform to do so. Whether you build web pages, which are a professional SEO, online marketing consultant or have some online training course, etc.

B) To sell links to other web sites (I recommend not).

It is true that to do so you must have a website authority or otherwise your links would not have much value. Sell ​​links to other websites or blogs is a way to make money, but it is one of the practices penalized by Google, if you get caught you can delete your blog (if you are a blogger) or desindexarlo completely. It is best not to do it or do it with caution.

C) Turn your blog into an article directory.

Undoubtedly it is a lot better than the previous option, if you turn your blog in an article directory have the advantage that many will write it for you. In search of a link always you have many bloggers and website owners to publish content on your blog looking for that quality link (logical that you should give it a lot of authority to be attractive).

The advantage is the traffic that will give all these publications by others, visitors will see your advertising and your bids on the site. It is the easiest way to live the internet, just taking the time to share the blog and even to speak directly with some bloggers (more when they own new blogs and have serious problems with traffic).

D) Create, position and sell your blog.

If you get easy to create blogs, position them and give them some authority, you can sell them. There are sites on the internet where blogs or websites are for sale. Many entrepreneurs prefer to buy one already created and a certain positioning than having to wait months or even years to achieve that goal with a new blog.

Having a blog has its advantages. In short, learn everything you can about the subject of making money with a blog. Make a training course online Internet businesses, at least the basics of SEO. You may be surprised how little things work well; eg put the link in this paragraph, just to competition and an article on the same subject.

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