Good Planning For Good SEO Results

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Good planning = good SEO = Results!. How many of us really adequate and careful planning of SEO webmasters when we started our site? I dare say that not many of us do. When a webmaster receives a brilliant idea for a website, the first impulse is to start the site and build it fast and furious delay good SEO techniques for later. However, the problem of lower traffic than expected would come soon, and when that happens, it could be a hassle to correct these problems.

Problems like session IDs, fair or poor designs, menus and others will have a great impact on SEO and can reduce visitor traffic and search engines in the near future. Effective SEO takes time to implement and if your site is large, then the problem becomes ten times due to the fact that search engines take time to re-index and re-evaluate your entire site, all the while losing visitors its competitors have done better planning in place.

For Good SEO Results

Good Planning For Good SEO Results

Here are some steps for you to do when planning your new site:

1. Get important keywords and secondary keywords. In my opinion, the key words are very important. How to choose and find the right keywords is critical to getting traffic from search engines. However, you should always refine the terms of keywords and key phrases for your website statistics and records, even after you have finished your site. Your link building campaign should greatly rely on this information you have gathered.

2. Domain Name. You should choose a suitable domain name. Change domain name later, you all search engines Opyimization you've done is lost. It's like starting again from the beginning. It would be better to stay alone with his old domain name to switch to another. Better yet, choose the right domain name the first time round.

3. Choose the right title title tag of your site. Another important step we have here. Since the title tag is the search engine sees something first, you should always have the keywords in the title, and then followed by the name of your site. This includes other sections of your site, not just the home page.

4. You should always plan your website to a clean, easy-to-read instead of being too messy and dirty. This is good for both human visitors and search engines. Even with a CMS, you should choose a CMS that lets you control is the layout and make sure it is clean, without too much unnecessary images or text that can confuse the user. A header section, a body section and a section footer should. The body section must contain most of the content of your site. navigation menus should be placed on top or side.

5. good name of the menu. "Home" is useless for an anchor text, unless your keywords include the word home, make sure you have proper names (which means keywords) to your anchor text in your menus. Why? Because menus typically appear on every page of your site, and each anchor text is a vote (though not as valued as a link to external input) of your page.

6. Get the right URL. URL are important. They are like your home address, no one can not access your page. If you change the URL of your page in the future, any rankings and all the effort that goes with it will disappear like changing your domain name. Therefore you should plan itself URLs of your pages and avoid changing them.

7. Then you should find out what pages you need to optimize your keywords. Think of them as landing pages where your visitors search engine arrive. And these pages should have easy access to other important parts of your site. It is difficult to optimize keywords for your home page, so the best way is to optimize these landing pages.

8. Link building campaign. But now you should have completed your website and your next step should be the creation of inbound links. There are many ways to get links and is beyond the scope of this article. But it is clear that the proper use of anchor text for these inbound links will be worth more to our site is not only limited links. So the keywords and key phrases and if we know the link page are important for SEO.

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The practice of good SEO means that you have a good planning. hard work and effort is needed, but surely will be worth it when you see the results.

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