Change a Domain Server Does it Affect the SERP Position?

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Looking positioning is always recommended to maintenance our website on local servers, with the cheap price that provide foreign servers and quality, many prefer to hire servers in the United States, to name the most common example. Change a Domain Server Does it Affect the SERP Position?

Change a Domain Server Does it Affect the Position?

Change a Domain Server

Beware contracts, very friendly servers can cause myriad problems when changing servers, remove a domain (DNS final change - re-direction) Sometimes, you can reach him many headaches.

But! Positioning influences change my web server, that is, if I change my hosted server website to another server Spaniards abroad can lose positions ? Good as appropriate, example :

• I have a .com domain hosted on foreign servers (US) Change the other server in Spain (Location of our company, shop or potential customers) can lead to losing positions? 99% of the chances of losing positions is zero, leaving the 1% by coincidence.

 • I have a .com domain hosted on local servers server Spain Change my current domain to a server in the United States may result in losing positions? 80% of the chances of losing positions is safe, leaving that 20% chance, that is, has a large% of losing positions, but everything rests on the path that has that domain, his PR influence in this case.

The DNS domain are like the fingerprint of a person to change a domain causes problems authentication server, search engines are slow to recognize the new domain DNS is very common to see easily lose positions during such actions, especially when transferring a domain hosted in Spain to another abroad.

On the other hand I would comment that it is vital to choose the .com for certain markets and privilege will avoid later problems. Ojo is no accident, change server domain and this lower or raise your PR The why? I do not know, but something that I recommend is to think twice before changing one domain to another server.

 What you can see by the network!

 • Having geographic my web page, search your keywords and Google have it in the maps "positioned", change server my web and exit geographic location and at the same time mastering well, that is, the web is reflected twice, the domain geo located and the natural positioning of the domain to search for your keywords.

Such actions happens to a domain to search engines updated their databases changes the new DNS domain to the new server, usually last months these unusual positions and for some domains under PR or short online level, you can come to pass many bills.

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