What is TrustRank and its importance in SEO?

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How it affects the Trust Rank Google's results? It is important for your blog? What is TrustRank and its importance in SEO ?, how it affects the Trust Rank Google's results? Is Important To Your Blog ?, are questions that every entrepreneur in the blogging activity or has a website should be able to answer if you really want to make a good SEO work.

On this day we intend the give those answers as if you are in this blog is for wanting more information about what is true or what the famous TrustRank. I can say that I discovered by accident by analyzing my blog into a tool which in fact gave me (which incidentally is not very good and it's something I have to improve).

Google TrustRank In SEO

Google TrustRank In SEO

What it is and what is TrustRank In SEO?

Being a bit technical the Trust Rank is: technical functions, mathematical algorithms that analyze links developed by Stanford University and Google, (although it is said that Yahoo is also complicit). The TR is created to detect and eliminate the problem of spam on websites.

Trust Rank How does it work?
Knowing that there are pages that are devoted to spam, the well-known way to get links and distort data as it brings in Google PageRank. The way it works is by reviewing websites that can be manually.

Trust Rank is said that approximately 200 websites checked. All websites are high PR: backlinks, quality in large directories or government, educational and corporate institutions that give a good score. These analyzed pages are called "web seeds."

TrustRank analysis contains some manual assessment by experts. These take into account the age of the domain, which is renewed information, links, etc ... When you have identified the pages of quality (seed pages), compared with other sites having as showing that obtained good reputation in its preliminary examination.

In short you can say that applies to TrustRank sites various issues of quality as points of origin of a network of links. Logically thinking more proximity to the point of origin, better web TR being well regarded by search engines.

TrustRank algorithm ranks sites Web Spam or Not Spam

Distinguishes between a reference list of pages guaranteed as "Good Links" after a manual analysis by a human.

Through an analysis of the links between sites, the algorithm determines whether the other pages are also "Links Good" or if the contrary is spam or "Bad Links"; are based on the "good" pages do not have links to pages with spam.

Process to detect spam with Trust Rank

The process for detecting spam Trust Rank can be summarized as follows:
1- seed websites one by one, are examined to check for spam.
2- A person manually reviews each page to determine the sites using and not using spam.
3- links on each page to know what other sites are traced relate. Thus, it is considered that if a website is linked to a "good" page (ie reliable), it will be too. Conversely, if a site is linked to a "bad" (web site that uses spam) will be considered bad.

Here the concept of neighbor (neighbor) arises importance to relations that maintain web pages with other pages is given.

Advantages of TR (Trust Rank)

1 These are people who are responsible for detecting spam manually and quality in a web, suggesting that the rate is fair.
2 pages of quality (good) positioned unfairly they have the opportunity to become more reliable, and they do receive spam penalty.
3- TR measures the quality of a website. It is a measure of confidence in a web; a formula to identify sites that carry spam.
4- Internal links are essential to position the page.
5- seems a constant links to pages on the same theme granted more popularity.
6- The reliability index (TR) of a web decreases as the qualified experts as spam pages assimilated.

I hope the information will be useful. This blog is called "Internet Business Courses" this issue is not about business, but undoubtedly it is very important for anyone doing business on the Internet and especially via a blog or website. Nor was a course on SEO, but we know that is very relevant for good SEO.

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